Beams: rays of light; to radiate light; to shine; to smile expansively; to emit; to transmit;
the bar of a
balance; to support/brace against stress; on the right track.

Digital Photography and Art by DiDi Hendley. Now...Words.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lucky Me

Ten minutes into my beer and you're just gettin' here.
Been a long day and now it's time to play.
Beer:thirty and I start talkin' dirty.
You're headin' me to the door, faster than before.
Beer:forty-five and I'm glad its such a short drive.
There's a gleam in your eye--how lucky am I?
It's just five til--Baby, we got time for a cold one still?
Reckon they see what we see? Lucky me.

Beer:ten and we're all alone again.
You're the best part of my day, even if I forget to say.
Beer:eleven and that music sounds like heaven.
Now just come on over and hum a little closer.
Beer:twenty-two and I'm close enough to you
to hear your heart beatin' -- now don't you think that's cheatin!
It's about beer:thirty and you're the one talkin' dirty!
With every little touch-maybe we're talkin' way too much.
Beer:forty-five, come on-let's take the dive.
Let's forget about the time, cause now you're all mine.

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  1. OK...Didn't fall into a bottle...just listened to too much KANE. I admit it...I'm hooked.