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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Finding Bliss

I promised a blogpost when my life changed for the crazy...but it's been so crazy there hasn't been time!

I believe it was in May, I attended another of the SC Film Commission's free workshops, which was held at Trident Technical College in North Charleston, SC, USA. Their marquis displayed the ridiculously low (in tri-county) tuition, and all the way home I thought wonder if. Once home, I researched their Film Production program, and, well, long story short, HERE I AM! It's been insanely crazy, but I love it.

So, for our Film Production I class, we're assigned a Bolex (old film camera) project that will produce under 3 minutes of film. Again, long story short, One of my dear Kaniac friends posted the lyrics to Steve Carlson's All That I Ever Wanted and inspiration struck.

"Student film...sounds fishy..." SC
After a wicked little tweet--Steve blessed me with permission to use his song with my student film.

I've written the script "Finding Felicity," arranged for my leading man, leading lady, video camera folks, and a few production assistants. Today, I made contact with a gentleman in North Charleston for my location. It was yet another thing that just fell into place--I'm in awe and feel extraordinarily blessed!

Scouting in the old city of North Charleston where their is a quaint road with beautiful landscaping, park benches, alfresco dining and much more, the only thing that was scripted but not available was a service station. So...another rewrite and that's not a problem. I meant to take my camera and shoot stills but...well...I didn't so I'll have to post those ASAP.

While walking down the sidewalk, I found the perfect alfresco tables outside Cork NE Bistro. Just a couple doors down, there looked to be two empty businesses. With my creative hat on, I figured a way to overcome my missing service station by using this storefront. Now...if only I knew who to contact for permission...

Just then, the next-door, empty storefront door opened, and out walked Drew, a kind man with beautiful eyes who made my day by saying that he not only worked at Cork, but they also owned the two seemingly empty storefronts!!! AND that the owner appreciated such ventures as my TTC student film, so likely would grant permission for the shoot! I offered, too, that  I had a bit part that needed to be filled, if he'd be willing I'd love to include him! SO.... I still have some paperwork and phone calls to manage, but I'm hoping that I can check off location, and just deal with details (along with a script rewrite).

As soon as possible, I'd love to share my STARS with that will be forthcoming. I'm SOOOO excited, please stay tuned and I'll keep you updated!


  1. This sounds like it was a very exciting adventure! (Oh, and I was here, by the way ;)

  2. YAY Madison! Thanks for the comment and for stopping by! It was very exciting--up until I deleted my avi files from my sickly PC and can't find the original tape! AHHHH! I hope to find it (soon!) and complete the project. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to showing it off!