Beams: rays of light; to radiate light; to shine; to smile expansively; to emit; to transmit;
the bar of a
balance; to support/brace against stress; on the right track.

Digital Photography and Art by DiDi Hendley. Now...Words.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Never Tethered

It's certainly no secret I'm a Kaniac - and proud of it. Kaniacs, for those who don't know, are diehard fans of the band Kane. The first weekend in February, Christian Kane and the band were in North Carolina for two concerts--and it was OUTSTANDING. I'm Still Comin' Down, as a matter of fact. Any true-blue Kaniac knows what I'm talking about. One concert is awesome. Two is...euphoric!

My prized birthday gift of a VIP Meet and Greet with Christian presented me the opportunity to meet Mr. Kane. (Check his website for more info on the VIP M&G. There may still be some available-depending on when you read this.) Once he returns to filming Leverage on TNT, I'm sure concerts in the southeast won't be an option.

I just have to say that Christian seems such a warm and giving person--the two times I've had the pleasure of being personally in his company, he has completely blown my mind by being so genuine and attentive to whomever he is with at that moment. I'll be happy to post about my weekend later in more detail, as has been requested by my new Kaniac friend Sherry. In the meantime, I've been working on writing Whirlwind Love (manuscript for a novel) this past year, which I had hoped to pitch to the inspiring Mr. Kane. That didn't actually happen in the minute that I had his attention. I'm hoping he still has my package and will consider it. If you get the chance, how about tweet him @ChristianKane01 and tell him to take a good look at #WhirlwindLove ... he'll probably not have a clue what you're talking about, but I can tell you this is a love story I've been working on for the last year, inspired by the Christian Kane - Kane Acoustic: Live In London CD. I'll be posting some information about the story later, but...

As I have enjoyed listening to the band this past weekend, and of course, being a professional photographer, I just HAD to shoot...and shoot...and shoot. I've been having a blast posting my photos for fellow Kaniacs (and soon-to-be Kaniacs - if you don't know this band...gas up, buckle up and Let's take a Drive! It's a hell of a ride!) Just, please, remember the House Rules! Photos are also posted on my Facebook page or my Beams by DiDi Flickr stream.

To Christian, Steve, Ryan, Will and Jason: Thanks for an amazing weekend! I hope I have the opportunity to do that again! Special note to Frogger: thanks for the all your effort-while you tried to hide it-there were times when it showed. I will always remember that you put it all aside for us. :DD