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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hub City Writers Project - Writing in Place 2010

Link to Hub City Writers Project - Writing in Place 2010
Class assignment-Day 2
Write a paragraph to a page with this as the first sentence:
“My Mother broke every dish in the house.“

My Mother broke every dish in the house. There was no discernment of linoleum underneath the shattered glass and porcelain. As I stepped carefully into the kitchen, the shock washed through my core. Had I not known of the problem, I would have believed a tornado blew through the room. But the roof was intact...the episode was contained. My Father sat in the doorway to the dining room, desperately trying to sweep the pieces into the hide the pain. He had not yet seen me enter the room.

“Dad, I'll get that...” I tried to distract him, to ease his pain. With no acknowledgement, I repeated, “DAD, let me...” His pained expression told me what he could not.
“I didn't hear you come in,” he said softly. Struggling to stand, the determination of his effort was apparent. I looked around for something to clear a pathway through the chards, something to help me reach comfort him. I grabbed an old mop that was hidden in the corner of the washroom. By the time I returned to push the shattered pieces aside, he had managed to pull himself to his feet. Instinctively I put my arms around his bent shoulders. When had he shrunk so? Why had I not noticed this before?

“Dad, let's go sit down for a bit. This mess will wait.”

Reluctantly, he leaned the broom against the door and walked into the den. Mom sat in her chair, chin against her chest as she slept. Dad watched her as we sat on the sofa. After a long while, he turned to me. “She said she didn't want anybody else's dishes in her house. I'm sorry, I know that your Grandmother's china was in the will for you. Mom really wanted you to have it.”
Dad lowered his head as the sorrow became overwhelming.

Looking painfully into my eyes, Dad added, “I think it's time. I've tried to avoid it, you know. Will you call....that place?” The tears that appeared in his eyes shattered my heart like the chards on the kitchen floor.

“Sure Dad, I'll take care of it. I'll take care of all of it.” I took his hand as we both turned to face Mom, soundly sleeping and unaware.

Unaware that she would never again have an afternoon nap in her recliner.

Never again sleep in the bed she shared with Dad for over sixty years.

Never again to live with the only man she'd ever loved.

# # #

This assignment wasn't read and didn't get a critique. Comment...if you'd like!


  1. DiDi, this is very touching. In a short space you have made the characters real and drawn me completely into the story. I wish it continued. Great work! ~ Lisa

  2. Thanks Lisa! I appreciate the comments!

  3. Hi Didi. I was on Jaclyn Dolamore's blog and happened to see your comment about where you can get good critique. If you're really into writing as it sounds you are, I suggest you join I have been a member on there since the beginning of this year and I absolutely love the site. You an share your work with other unpublished authors and get feedback on your stories.
    If you join, let me know and I'll be happy to read something of yours and give you my thoughts on it.

    And if it's not too much to ask, would you mind following my blog?
    Happy writing,

  4. LReneeS,

    Thank you so much for posting a comment and your offer! I noticed that is a YA site, and I'm not a YA author. Does that matter?

    I looked on your sites and couldn't find anywhere to send you an email-so I hope that you'll get this. I didn't think it sounded smart to comment in your blog with this topic so out of the blue and not relative to your blog.

    I have followed your blog-thanks again for your interset-and wow you really show me up! Mine looks pretty boring next to yours!

    I have lots of balls in the air right now, and wish I had more time to write, read and study. I'm sure we all feel that way. I hoping that things will slow down by the end of August. I've neglected a lot lately.

    Hope you see this!

  5. Yes, this is moving. In London, 'dish' means handsome young man.

  6. Thanks for the comments, Kay. I suppose 'dish' means attractive person here as well...Wonder how Mother might have broken the attractive people in the house...hmmm. :D