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Monday, June 16, 2014

Licks & Lines

Licks & Lines

Licks & Lines is a feature column in the fictional magazine THE BACK ROADS OF MUSIC

Feature writer, Melody Muse, keeps up with singers and musicians on the road.

Hey…all you L&L fans! I recently covered the acts of the Oklahoma State Fair and caught up with none other than Joe King, who is rumored to be parting ways with his agent/manager Andrue Holecomb, former partner to the man behind TBK, as some say, Marty Frost. Marty hasn’t been seen in a long while.; Athough that’s another rumor entirely, I hear his health has declined; and he’s pretty much a recluse in his California-mansion-built-by-Kings. Maybe someday, I’ll be over there and can check in with Mr. Frost to scoop some poop for dear readers.

According to their website (which seems to be managed by Holecomb’s staff), The Brothers King have been playing a few state fairs. But I happen to know that TBK--or at least the sibling part of it--have played a few small venues for the last couple months…places I guess we can call their “stompin’ grounds.” Sources who shall remain nameless tell me they’re playin’ for the bread and butter that Holecomb’s been holding out. I hear the parting of their ways has been pretty intense…to say the least.

But, hey…that’s all just scooped poop…RIGHT?

Joe King was backstage and gave me a couple minutes, so here’s: Melody Muse’s The Poop, The Scoop, and The Coda ‘fore The Road-uh.

Melody Muse: Hey, Joe! Got a couple minutes to scoop the poop?

Joe King: I always have time for you, Mel! Thanks!

MM: Rumor [and the TBK website! -mm] has it that your musical career is about to be behind you…any truth?

JK: Nah, man. I’m just shifting gears. This was the last gig I was contractually obligated to do…so now I’m finally free of the baggage of the man who held the helm and wrote the checks. We’ll be taking a break, but the fans seem to remember us, so we’ll be back…sometime…somehow. Don’t count us out, yet. God willing…anyways. [He’s just got the greatest grin! -mm]

MM: So, what are you doing?

JK: Doin’ another movie. Marty lined this up a while back…God bless ‘im. He’s always been good to us…and we miss him more than words can say. I hope he’s feeling better soon. This one’s a western…so I’m heading to South Dakota tomorrow as part of an ensemble cast. I get to shoot guns and ride horses…so that’s not a bad way to earn a paycheck! I’m lookin’ forward to it.

MM: And Chuck?

JK: I guess you’ll need to ask him. He always lands on his feet…like the alley tom-cat he is…heh. He’s around here somewhere…you should go talk to him.

MM: I heard about his accident…he’s okay? And have ya got time for one more?

JK: Shoot! And yeah—he’ll recover...he's teflon.

MM: I hear you’re keepin’ company with a certain redhead…anything serious? Are you about to break some hearts, Joe?

JK: Well…

MM: Oh no! You just crossed your arms! [He’s laughing…and looking at his shoes or over his shoulder…like he’s in trouble, folks! I think I hit a nerve! -mm]

JK: Huh…well, man. I guess I should answer that with ‘I don’t kiss and tell, Mel.’ [Ah! A Joe King blue-eyed wink! I’m melting! -mm] Let’s just say that I met the sweetest woman in the world…with a heart as big as the sky…and the right-sized chariot at just the right time. Who knows where the road leads…right? Ya won’t know ‘til ya get there. I mean…I ain’t dead…yet. Right?

Wow! And there ya have it. Joe is such a down-to-earth guy. So easy on the eyes and [when he’s not ranting…as I’ve heard he’s been doing a lot of that lately,] so nice to talk to. And while you couldn’t see it…dear reader…that was a mighty big grin on his face…talking about Ms. Red. Well…that’s it for now. I might just have to follow that long line of ‘the guitargod’ Chuckles-Chickies and scoop the poop a little more!

Laters, y’all! -mm

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