Beams: rays of light; to radiate light; to shine; to smile expansively; to emit; to transmit;
the bar of a
balance; to support/brace against stress; on the right track.

Digital Photography and Art by DiDi Hendley. Now...Words.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Playing with words...

Can you see this?

After a short time, the man picked up his guitar and began tuning it. He was a handsome man with a fit, thin frame. As he fingered the guitar, his expression seemed distant and focused. The roadie turned guitarist, with a confident, cocky stage presence. As he began to pick a tune on the acoustic guitar, Libby became mesmerized at the detailed licks, cords and speed of his agile fingers. After a moment of warming up and tweaking the pitch, the man began to play a song, ripping through strings with the same amazing speed and agility. The expression on his face was almost angelic as he delved into the depths of the melody.

Recovering from the awe and distinction of the guitarist, Libby raised her camera and fired. Each click zooming from full body, three-quarter, and finally headshot. As she zoomed to his face, she lowered the camera. The aura around this man's face was breathtaking as he continued to delve deeper into the melody. The room disappeared into the notes. Libby was equally caught up in the site and sounds. The amazing acoustic melody enveloped her as she watched the man's expression fade from mystical to present, Libby remembered the camera again and fired a few more shots of his face before reality returned. 
...excerpt from Whirlwind Love!

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