Beams: rays of light; to radiate light; to shine; to smile expansively; to emit; to transmit;
the bar of a
balance; to support/brace against stress; on the right track.

Digital Photography and Art by DiDi Hendley. Now...Words.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Christian Kane - "The House Rules"

Christian Kane - "The House Rules": Checkout the new Video by Christian Kane!

The wait is over! The new Christian Kane video, "The House Rules," directed by none other than Academy Award Winner Timothy Hutton is out! has hosted 8 new videos all weekend, with a competition for top spot in the balance, there's a callout for all Kaniacs to launch their votes, comments and tweets to push Kane to the top of the list. Currently hovering at number two, that's just not the place a true Kaniac wants to see Christian: we all know he can't belong in second place! So, with an all-out battle to close the deal and put "The House Rules" on top. Kaniacs...step it up!

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